Androids Я us

    The Charley Darwin 'evolution' argument

    Most paleontologists have this amusing notion in their heads that species never really become extinct.
    They evolve. At the last moment, just when all is lost and the entire world dies around them, a species
    suddenly morphs into something else that the bone duster finds in the next layer of rock millions of years
    later. This line of thinking is the result of intense brainwashing that feeble-brained students undergo in

    The most famous case of non-extinction in the mass extinction scenario is that of the dinosaurs. Many
    laymen actually believe that the dinos never really became extinct. The intellectually-challenged folk
    candidly tell you that the monsters turned into birds and are still flying around today.

    You might argue that these pitiful upstarts are just too ignorant and that it is unfair to accuse the
    professionals of crimes committed by ordinary people. It turns out that our 'experts' also believe in
    such myths. Erik Trinkaus, Svante Paabo and David Reich are three militants who actually believe that
    Neanderthal never became extinct. Neanderthal mated with our forefathers and became us. As Paabo

    "One thing is clear: Neanderthals never entirely vanished. They live on a little bit
    in people today."

    But it doesn't stop with the Neanderthals. The rest of the paleo-mathemagicians also talk nonsense. If
    they have their way, the Devonian lobed fin fish known as Osteolepis never vanished. He became the
    mother of all tetrapods and terrestrial vertebrates. The Late Devonian Tiktaalik and Ichthyostega also
    never vanished. How could they? They are our great grandfathers. Do we perchance descend from the

    And Thrinaxodon never became extinct -- what a silly thought. He made it across the Permian-Triassic

    And how could Megazostrodon have gone extinct if he would become the mother of all mammals?
    Mega made it across the Triassic Boundary to the Jurassic for else we wouldn't be here. He survived
    by burrowing underground and eating detritus for thousands of years.

    And surely Purgatorius could not have died. He jumped across the KT boundary to become the father of
    all mammals. It never occurred to the paleo-mathemagicians that mammals could have been a parallel
    line to all of these specimens that extends all the way to the Cambrian.
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     Mass Extinction Causes and Mechanisms
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    A Rational Mechanism for Mass Extinction

"T-Rex never became
extinct. He evolved...

...metal arms and legs..."

    We evolve into robots

    It is not surprising, therefore, that when discussing the extinction of our very own species many 'experts'
    actually start pondering and factoring the possibility of 'evolving' in order to avoid the pessimistic, hopeless
    and unimaginable certainty of extinction. But evolving into what?

    One possibility being considered by futurologists is that we turn into androids. We are half natural flesh
    and half artificial stuff. The idea here is that we enhance humans with ever more nuts and bolts until
    the person is more wires and metal than veins and blood.

    Well, if the definition of android is that we have artificial body parts, we have been androids for quite a
    while. We wear glasses, fake teeth and fingernails, we have pacemakers and prosthetic arms and legs,
    and we even have artificial organs such as hearts and kidneys.

    This is different than saying that we build a metal and plastic robot at the factory and pad him with flesh.
    The former is human. The latter is not. The first one belongs to a subspecies of reproducing mammals
    known as Man. The second one is a metal artifact, a gadget, a toy that doesn't breathe or produce copies
    of itself. Therefore, even if we were to be out-'lived' by 'intelligent' robots that we manufactured at the
    assembly line, can we really claim that humans lived forever? Doesn't such a scenario already qualify as
    'the extinction of Man'? Are AIs and cyborgs what 'we' will evolve into? Are they our children?

    Getting the hell out @ FTL

    People have been bombarded with so much information over the years that their brains have exploded.
    They can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality any more. They watch Star Trek and Star Wars
    and then begin to concoct delusional scenarios where humans live on other planets and stars and galaxies.
    We don't become extinct. We live forever by migrating to celestial objects floating in outer space and
    'evolving' who knows into what!

    One question to ask the hypnotized dreamer is whether he purports to evacuate the Earth of billions of
    people. Will the entire population of Earth travel to the stars? Will we wait thousands of years until Mars
    is terraformed and our Garden is finished before we begin to send all Earthlings out a handful at a time?
    Will humans live happily ever after in this tiny rock half the size of Earth with lower gravity and thinner air?

    (Great for overweight people, perhaps, but terrible for asthmatics!)

    Another question is whether the deluded individual factored that the nearest star is 4.3 light years away.
    A round-trip to Alpha Centauri would take 9 years if we could travel at the speed of light! If ever we
    achieve near-c speeds, it certainly won't be anywhere in the next 100 years.

    The new breeds have been brainwashed to answer that anything is possible, that no problem is beyond
    the reach of Man's mental capabilities. The immense improvements in technology in the last 100 years
    has misled them to believe that we can do anything... including travel at the speed of light. As John
    Kennedy once put it:

    "Our problems are man-made — therefore, they can be solved by man... No problem
    of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man's reason and spirit have often solved
    the seemingly unsolvable — and we believe they can do it again."

    So you remind them that their hero Einstein, the one they requested an autograph from yesterday, already
    'proved' mathematically that you can't travel faster than light no matter what. That's one of the things that
    made Einstein a celebrity and his name a synonym of intelligence.

    The bozo replies that 'theories' have been proven wrong before'. It's just unreal. And you feel like you're
    talking to a patient in a loony asylum.

    Again, you might argue that 'scientists' shouldn't have to be slapped for nonsense coming out of the mouths
    of lay folk.

    But then why do so many people make such idiotic statements? Who put these words in their mouths if
    not the professionals themselves? Wasn't Carl Sagan, the darling of Mathemagix, a deluded dreamer who
    ranted about flying to the stars? Didn't he waste money sending a plaque full of earthly information to notify
    some far away aliens that we are here? Isn't NASA, a 'respectable' institution, working to terraform Mars
    with the ultimate goal of colonizing the red planet? Don't contemporary celebrities like Brian Greene, Michio
    Kaku and Neil Tyson give sales pitches on how we will spread our seed throughout the galaxy and to
    parallel universes by traveling through wormholes and short-circuiting time? Don't they sell this snake oil to
    gullible audiences?

    Therefore, the amusing notions that ordinary people have about surviving and radiating to other planets and
    star systems and throughout the galaxy originate in the professionals, in celebrities whom ordinary people
    regard as 'knowledgeable'. The common folk rely entirely on authority. They are more interested in buying
    a ticket to photograph the 'wiz' than about questioning the nonsense that comes out of their mouths. If
    interstellar travel and terraforming and colonization are shown to be nothing but dreams, the 'experts' should
    be fired and NASA closed down.

    What if we could travel FTL?

    But, let's assume the best case scenario. Let's assume that there are no technical problems. Would we
    send a handful of men and women to a star system that has as yet no known Earth-like planet?

    Obviously, we would have to send robots to terraform a suitable planet first before sending humans and
    that would take hundreds if not thousands of years, not to mention gazillions of dollars. Would the
    governments on Earth empty their treasure chests to support such missions? For what purpose? To
    explore... with the intent to colonize... in case we are forced to evacuate? We are back to reasons...
    in addition to money and technology.

    The experts tell you in your face that in the foreseeable future (at least the next 100 years) interstellar
    travel is impossible! Realizing that this is a quite pessimistic outlook and to maintain false hopes among
    the unwary, the NASA administrator archived the findings of its Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project,
    the group that officially studied interstellar travel for over ten years and finally threw in the towel. What is
    not surprising is that in this age of unemployment and scams, the head of that NASA project -- Marc Millis --
    created a private group named Tau Zero Foundation. Despite that Millis is on record saying that interstellar
    travel is impossible, he brazenly asks gullible donors to continue funding his research.

    Make no mistake. We aren't going anywhere. NASA should be shut down if its purpose is anything other
    than developing technology. The folks in Houston that dream of traveling to the stars are just wasting
    taxpayers' money! They should be fired. So should the snake oil peddlers at Tau Zero! We either evolve
    quickly into some unimaginable monster here on Earth or meet our Maker!

The official version of
evolution that all
hint at is that Tiktaalik
begat Dimetrodon who
begat Lystrosaurus who
begat Megazostrodon...

A more likely version
of evolution is that tiny
animals waiting in the
wings developed
mammalian traits in
parallel to the large ones
found in the rock and
radiated after the
dinosaurs were gone.