What causes a mass extinction?

    Nothing is impossible?

    There have been many mass extinctions throughout the history of life on Earth of which five are the most
    outstanding. The chart at the bottom of the page synthesizes the number of animal species that vanished
    in different geological periods. What happened to those archaic dynasties? How can we find out?

    One sure way to do it is to brainstorm obstacles that are impossible for humans to overcome. If Man, with
    all his intelligence, with all his technology, with his magical ability to foresee events, cannot solve a problem,
    we have to conclude that the rest of the animal kingdom could do no better.

    Most people, however, truly think that Man is all powerful and can overcome any problem that comes his
    way. These deluded folk were led to believe that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for humans, that
    we have the intelligence and the ability to solve any problem. They reach such a patently irrational conclusion
    from the amount of technology we have developed in the last few decades to make our lives much more
    comfortable. It really is quite magical when you come to think of it. You press a button and a light turns on
    in your room. You press another and the TV turns on or off by remote control. The reason we can solve
    technical problems is that we possess the ability to foresee events and subsequently react by inventing
    whatever technology is needed to get through the impasse. These individuals have been bombarded by so
    much Hollywood special effects and dazzled by the wonders of modern technology that they have lost touch
    with reality.

    If you genuinely believe that Man can do absolutely anything that he can imagine, then you don't have the
    intelligence to understand the arguments presented in this site and you might as well move on. This site is
    not for you. Thanks for visiting.

    The list of things we can't do

    There are a few things that are impossible for humans and which the naive believer in omnipotent Man
    is certainly unaware of. They include things such as avoiding aging, density dependent birth rates, and loss
    of genetic diversity. They also include things such as traveling interstellarly and creating life.

    With respect to extinction there are at least two things that humans cannot do. The first one is prevent our
    population pyramid from overturning. The second one is to prevent the ecological pyramid from overturning.
    It is this second one that concerns us here. Our reasoning will be straight forward. If humans cannot prevent
    their own ecological pyramid from overturning, neither could any other species in the history of life on Earth.
    If we can rationalize this, we have found the mechanism of a mass extinction.

    However, in Science, we must start at the beginning. Our first task is to define what a mass extinction is.
    What do we mean by the term 'mass extinction'? Only after we define this elusive term can we speculate
    on how the ecological pyramid overturned on the species that lived in the past or how it could conceivably
    overturn on Man.

    Below you will find a comparison between how the members of the Paleo-Mathematical Establishment
    explain mass extinctions and how a rational scientist explains mass extinctions.
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