The Extraterrestrial Extinction Business

    Since the Space Age started after World War II, enthusiasts have set their eyes on travel to the stars. It
    didn't take long for paleontologists to speculate that the sudden mass extinctions of the ancient past could
    also have had extraterrestrial causes, especially the famous one that did away with the dinosaurs. With
    NASA providing funds behind the scenes, the ET extinctions took off. Authors started submitting papers to
    the specialized journals about asteroids, supernova gamma rays and solar system bow shocks. The most
    successful, of course, is the asteroid theory of Nobel Luis Alvarez. He had such success that every graduate
    coming out of the university Paleontology Department hopes to emulate him. Therefore, no one is looking at
    the causes of extinction. Everyone is just looking at how he can make a buck and be famous. And if you can
    convince NASA to give you the money... well, why not?

    So what is the problem with asteroids?

    As stated in the paper I submitted to the Oxford-sponsored Apocalypse Conference (soon to be posted),
    there are several insurmountable problems.

    1. The asteroid is not the killer. The killer is the collapse of the food chain. The
       asteroid is just the trigger of the catastrophe.

    2. The mechanism requires secondary effects, to wit: tsunamis, fire and brimstone,
       clouds of dust, impact winter, acid rain. The only reason for these subsequent
       agents is to elude the only thing an extinction theory has to answer: selectivity.
       If we can kill the sea reptiles with a knife, the land dinos with a spear and the
       flying reptiles with a machine gun... well anyone can do extinction like that. The
       trick is to kill them all with ONE mechanism/agent!

    3. The asteroid mechanism ends up killing ALL plants. EVERYTHING dies!
       Proponents admit as much. However, there is not a single plant time line on
       the Internet that shows that ALL plan life disappeared in any of the extinctions.

    Therefore, the asteroid theory encounters insurmountable problems and amounts to nothing more than
    NASA propaganda. The people in Houston want you to pay close attention to the night sky. They do so
    because they want you to support space programs. They urge you to think about the future (space
    colonization), not about the past (extinction). If control room managers can convince you that asteroids
    could wipe us out and that Houston has the wherewithal to spot them and the technology to neutralize
    them, you will be more willing to part with your tax dollars.

    Actually, the asteroid theory has no merit whatsoever because it cannot explain the only thing an extinction
    theory has to explain: selectivity.

    The Holocene megafauna

    Some deluded asteroid catastrophists have proposed that the Pleistocene megafauna was also wiped
    out by the ever menacing extraterrestrial bolide. They hoped to get NASA's attention. However, a rival
    gang of censors with some clout denied them the glory and NASA thought it prudent to step away from
    the squabble. Houston is sensitive to the fact that many paleo-mathemagicians still continue to insist to
    their dying gasps that all extinctions in the last 6 million years were caused by Man and not by fortuitous
    extraterrestrial agents. You don't want to trample on fundamentalist religion.
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