Kissing the Ring

    How authority became the law

    You may wonder how it is that we have most of the people in the world today believe in amusing proposals
    such as black holes, dark matter, Big Bang and 'many copies of you' (each in a parallel universe). How is it
    that Man became so stupid? Wasn't this what we wanted to emancipate ourselves from: superstition,
    irrational explanations, religion? Wasn't that the purpose of pioneers such as Galileo?

    The problem is authority. Most people are lazy. They do not want to read or do research. They just want
    someone to tell them in Twitter one-liners what the Establishment believes. They want the executive
    summary. Unfortunately, the majority of people rely on other people to tell them what to believe.

    It turns out, however, that the celebrities of today were the students yesteryear. They were programmed in
    college to believe in the theories of their professors. Otherwise, they would not have passed the course. It
    was just that simple! And if they couldn't get a thesis adviser for their PhD... or a job after graduation...
    well, then the guy would definitely not end up being a very influential celebrity. If you wanted to graduate
    and get a job and hope for a gold medal, you absolutely had to play ball.

    It is thus, through a mixture of indoctrination and intimidation, that the theories became self-sustained from
    one generation to the other. You could improve on an existing theory... perhaps by tweaking or 'proving' it
    and win a Nobel for your intellectual fathers... but you wouldn't make many friends by coming up with
    alternative ones. Initiative was stifled. You could only build on the existing infrastructure. And when you
    graduated, your friend who was just promoted as editor at the scientific journal would call you and ask you
    to become a secret peer reviewer. You were now knighted as a hooded monk with the power to get back
    at any honorable dropout who refused to recant and who wished to publish an independent theory. The
    entire system was and is still designed to maintain the status quo... and getting better at it every day.

    Yet, the masses regard all these hooded monks as experts and authorities. If you're a nobody, people ask
    you the same two irrelevant questions before they even listen to your proposal:

    1. What are your credentials?

    2. Who approved your theory?

    Authority! Authority! Authority! The numskull you have in front of you asking those questions is not even worth
    beating up.

    Authority: the most important element of Mathemagix

    History repeats itself. The mathemagicians place great emphasis on authority. In their world, authority is

    However, the fraudulent Piltdown Man fabricated by Charles Dawson is a good example of what happens
    when even the alleged experts are fooled by celebrities. Piltdown was regarded as authentic by the experts
    whereas the genuine Pithecantropus Erectus was dismissed as not belonging to human lineage simply on
    the basis of authority. The mathemagicians of today make the same mistake. They believe in the nonsense
    of black holes and Big Bang merely on the basis of authority. It is the story of the Emperor's Clothes all
    over again.

    And here's the icing on the cake. The new generations of 'physicists' coming out of the universities openly
    state that Physics is in a crisis. The new breeds realize that there is something wrong and that Physics is
    at a crossroads. They will either have to come up with new ghosts to explain the weird workings of the
    Universe or shift the paradigm completely. Here are examples of doubt that should make you stop and
    think that all is not well in contemporary 'physics'.

    ..........Not even wrong .

    ..........Why a Physics Revolution Might Be on Its Way ...

    ..........Crisis At The Foundations Of Physics ...

    ..........Have physicists made a terrible mistake? ...

    There is clearly a crisis in Physics. The crisis has to do with the fact that after 400 years of Newtonian
    'physics' (actually, nothing but Mathemagix), the 'physicists' are unable to explain the simplest phenomena.
    Not a single 'physicist' alive today can explain how a magnet attracts another or why (cause, physical
    mechanism) the Moon doesn't drift out of the Solar System. It's what genuine Physics was supposed to
    do. Traditional religions already had supernatural explanations for unseen agents and phenomena. We
    didn't Mathemagical 'physics' for that.

    The Kings of 'science'

    There is a group of people who study a field and formed a club known as Mathematical Physics. They call
    themselves 'physicists', but here we're going to refer to them as mathemagicians. The reason is that the
    members of this club purport to explain physical phenomena with a mixture Math and magic. The Math
    part involves variables, numbers, formulas, equations, 'proofs' and something they call 'axioms'. The
    mathemagicians never discovered that their entire discipline can only DESCRIBE, that it has no power to
    EXPLAIN... which is actually what Science is about. The magical part comes as a result of their inability to
    explain rationally. It is then that they have no choice but to introduce irrational mechanisms to plug holes in
    their arguments and make up for their ignorance.

    The two pillars of Mathemagics are General Relativity (GR) and Quantum Mechanics (QM). GR deals
    with the macro world -- planets, stars, galaxies. QM deals with the micro world -- light, atoms, magnetism,
    etc. GR and QM have been around for about 100 years and the mathemagicians boast that they have never
    been falsified, an amusing criterion that a mathemagician by the name of Karl Popper invented to sift 'true'

    What neither Popper nor any of the lamebrains of GR and QM who follow his specifications ever figured out
    is that the only purpose of running an experiment and presenting evidence is to persuade in order to convince
    in order to recruit. "Falsification' is about changing the OPINIONS of people and as such belongs strictly
    within religion! Opinions have no place in Science!

    The 'unfalsifiability' of GR and QM should not surprise us because it is relativists
    and mechanics who have attempted all the falsifying. Is it realistic to expect a born again Christian to
    falsify God? Isn't there a conflict of interests?

    The result is that the alleged 'theories' of Mathemagical 'fizzix' and Paleo-Mathemagix  have now morphed
    into facts. You can no longer challenge Relativity and Quantum or the asteroid theory. Skeptics are
    systematically weeded out through censorship, marginalized and ostracized. The entire system has evolved
    to a catch-22 situation. The cynical members of Mathemagics openly dare you to challenge Mathemagics
    so that they can continue to boast to the world that all have tried and failed, but to in order to do so you are
    only allowed to present a paper that argues that the equations have something wrong with them. You are
    not allowed to challenge the Scientific Method itself or the rationality of the theories coming out of academia.
    And you must submit your manuscript to a secret board of 'peer reviewers', all of which are staffed by  
    relativists and mechanics in 'physics' and by asteroidists and volcanists in 'paleo-mathemagix'. Unsurprisingly,
    all that have tried to debunk Mathemgix have failed.

    Big names are associated with the two main sects of Mathemagix (QM and GR), most of whom have won
    a Nobel Prize given to them by other members of the club. This helps the members spread the gospel
    through authority. Lay folk are distracted by the pomp and reverence and forget what science is supposed
    to be about. The common folk gawk at the celebrity and ask him for an autograph rather than for a rational
    explanation of a phenomennon. This is how people who had no clue about Science -- Newton, Einstein,
    Hawking -- ended up being household names. Celebrity! Autographs! But ask any layman what Einstein or
    Hawking is famous for and few will be able to tell you. Is Hawking a global celebrity because he is crippled
    and speaks through a synthesizer? Is this his claim to fame? What has he contributed to Science?

This is how most people end up believing
in black holes, dark matter and other

...but it turns out that the authorities and
celebrities are autistic individuals...

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