Making the invisible visible

    The Martians decide to pay you a visit one day. You greet them and take them out to your farm so that they
    can experience a little bit of life here on Earth. There's a stubborn mule near the barn that won't budge and
    you need to get the beast out of the way. One of the Martians tells you that he can help. He goes out there
    and you see this...

    Unfortunately for Einstein and his mathemagical colleagues, a 'field' -- whether gravitational, magnetic or
    electric -- is an abstract concept. Does it make sense to say that your dog is tied to the pole because he
    is physically bound by love or by information or by energy? A genuine physicist MUST propose a physical
    object as a mediator. Otherwise, his explanation is irrational. All causes in Physics had better have a physical

    The Golden Principle of Physics

    How do we PHYSICALLY restrain a prisoner? Do we restrain him with laws? Justice? Deterrence? Or does
    the physical police grab him and lock him up in a physical cell?

    In his immense ignorance, the deranged mathemagician may suggest that we restrain prisoners with laws.
    This may be a great metaphor in ordinary speech -- much like the saying that "love moves mountains" -- but
    it has no place in Physics. In Physics, the proponent MUST propose objects such as jails, walls, metal bars
    and rods. These things can PHYSICALLY restrain a prisoner, not the abstract concept justice.

    In the same vein, the word 'field' cannot be used as a baseball bat in Physics. You have no choice but to
    simulate the phenomenon with some kind of object.

    But let's look at the 'field' in light most favorable to the mathemagicians for the sake of argument. Let's
    convert the 'field' into an object. How does the 'field' do it? Please explain the mechanism. Merely stating
    that the 'field' does it is again invoking magic. For that matter, they could have said that X does it. WHAT
    is X?

    We can all understand the mechanism if the so-called 'field' is shaped like a bowl and the Moon moves
    around in circles on its curved walls. So now, how do the mathemagicians explain a pen falling to the floor
    with the same 'field' mechanism? What prevents the pen from falling upwards towards the ceiling?

    Please tell the Martian what prevents the Moon from flying out of the Solar System. Make the invisible visible
    for him. You can't say that there is absolutely nothing preventing a stone like the Moon from flying away simply
    because you can't see what mediates the transaction. If you claim that there is nothing, you are a proud yet
    ignorant mathemagician, a religious fool who has no common sense for Physics.

    Note that equations, variables, and numbers are of no use in this regard. They can at best help you describe
    what is happening. They cannot help you explain the mechanism. A description is just a listing of properties.
    An explanation is the prosecutor's version of what caused the phenomenon to happen. In order to answer the
    question, you have no choice but to propose an invisible physical mediator that restrains the Moon.

    Einstein's ridiculous General Relativity Theory

    Einstein proposed that something the mathemagicians call 'a' field comes in physical contact with the skin of
    the Moon. This so-called gravity well can be likened to a curved bowl of sorts. The Moon rolls around this well
    much like the ball rolls around the roulette.

    More than surprised, you are scared. You've never seen anything like it. "How did you do that? Do you use

    "Do what?" asks the Martian.

    "Pull on the mule!"

    "I did it just like you earthlings pull on a donkey or a horse here on Earth. I tied a rope around the mule's head."

    "What rope? I didn't see any rope."

    "Oh, I see what the problem is. The ropes in Mars give off an infra red light and you earthlings cannot see in
    that range. But no, we don't use magic. It just seems that way to you because you don't see the rope I'm

    Now that he explained to you the simple mechanism, the magic is gone. It seemed to work like magic only
    because you couldn't see the physical intermediary that he used. Imagine if someone asked you how you
    breathe. You answer that you take in air through your nostrils, but he says that he can't see any air going
    through your nose.

    What the Martian did was make the invisible visible. That's when the mechanism stopped working as if by
    magic. What appeared to be a miracle is now made plain through visualization. You even feel silly to have
    believed for a minute that the process worked by magic simply because you couldn't see the rope and feel
    like borrowing this Martian lasso to play a trick on your friends.

    So now's your turn. Here we have an invisible mechanism that no one has been able to explain rationally. We
    call it gravity...

    The mathemagicians have an answer. Their answer is that they have NO CLUE whatsoever how gravity
    works or WHAT the cause of gravity is. In his immense ignorance, deluded champion of Mathemagics
    Brian Greene asks, "How does gravity actually work? How does the Earth pull on the Moon across
    hundreds of thousands of miles of empty space?" And then, of course, he shrugs and leaves the crowd
    wondering. The mathemagicians will never discover the secret because they have never learned or
    understood the fundamentals of Physics. The genuine physicist has no choice but to propose an invisible
    entity that mediates any phenomenon. Instead, the mathemagicians attempt to 'prove' through equations
    that they 'understand' what's going on.

    The Rope Model of gravity

    Greene does say something very important, though. Unfortunately for him, he isn't paying attention to what
    is coming out of his mouth. He says that the Moon and the Earth behave as if they're connect by some kind
    of invisible rope. We agree. So let's do something more than give lip service to this off-the-cuff comment. In
    the videos at the bottom of this page we provide rational answers to gravity based on the assumption that
    all atoms in the Universe are interconnected. Berkeley Professor Robert Muller would be able to explain to his
    students how it is that "every atom on Earth is pulling on every atom of you and every atom of you is
    pulling on every atom of the Earth." Right through everything! You can't simulate this observation with
    Relativity's warped space or even with Quantum's graviton particles! You will hear and watch an illustrated,
    rational alternative to the abstract, mathematical 'field' of the religion of General Relativity...
Einstein's curved 'field'

No one since the days of Newton ever
discovered that 'field' is a concept.
There is no standalone physical object
called 'field'.
It is self evident to a rational human
being that
concepts have no power or
authority to affect matter. Yet Einstein
uses this word 'field' as a physical
object to restrain the Moon. No one in
the Mathemagical Establishment ever
questioned such hogwash!
The mathemagical version of gravity:

According to the mathemagicians there
is absolutely NOTHING binding the Moon
to the Earth.
The Rope Model of gravity: rationality

All atoms are interconnected. Every atom
comprising the Moon is bound to every atom
comprising the Earth. The Earth swings the
Moon around itself. This explains why the
Moon cannot drift out of the Solar System
WHAT physical object
causes the pen to fall
DOWN to the Earth?
Why doesn't the pen fall
upwards towards the sky?
What is appalling is that there are frail-minded folk who don't
even understand the question. Many of them come to the
forums and argue authoritatively about 'physics'...

    In their appalling ignorance, those who have been brainwashed for generations to learn Newton's Religious
    Method by rote, now ask:

     1. How do you know that there are ropes out there?
     2. What evidence or proof can you present for the existence of these ropes?
     3. What experiment can we run to confirm that there are EM ropes?

    What these offensive questions show is that those who ask them are simply unfamiliar with the Scientific

    In Science, we ONLY EXPLAIN and do so rationally. What you choose to believe after the show is your
    personal business and doesn't concern Science!

    In order to explain, the presenter MUST make an ASSUMPTION regarding an invisible entity:

    "Let us ASSUME that every atom in the Universe is bound to all others via EM ropes."

    Now the presenter can proceed to explain his theory. The purpose of the explanation is so that the audience
    UNDERSTANDS the EXPLANATION. It is NOT to persuade or to convince or to sway the jury. It is in religion
    where they run experiments, INTERPRET, and present their interpretation as PROOF in order to PERSUADE
    in order to RECRUIT. The mathemagicians are in the business of persuading because they want to recruit
    because they want to keep their jobs and the funds flowing in. In Science, we merely explain and understand.

    The religionist of Mathemagics insists: "Okay. This means that I can propose XYZ, God, ghosts or angels..."

    Yes! The proponent can invent any object he wants and name it what he wants. But it's got to be an OBJECT!
    We can't transfer CONCEPTS such as energy or information... or soul or spirit in Physics! Once an object is
    presented, the trick now consists of using this mediator consistently and to cover every base. He can use
    angels to move the Earth around the Sun and God to pull pens towards the ground if he wants and if that is
    how he explains a phenomenon. Whether the crowd shares his views is another matter. Nevertheless, now
    comes the tricky part. How does he explain properties such as the rectilinear propagation of light, Faraday
    and Maxwell Laws, atomic orbitals, magnetic field and consistent acceleration of gravity with angels? This is
    where the Rope Model reigns supreme. The EM Rope is the only entity we can imagine that merges light with
    gravity. The Rope is the architecture that justifies the Grand Unified Theory that the mathemagicians have been
    searching for all these years. It is simple and symmetric.
What is gravity?
There is no such thing as 'instantaneous
motion'. Instantaneous motion means
that there is motion in a photograph or
picture or sculpture.

What has happened is that the
mathemagicians never figured out that
TENSION is not a FORCE! Force involves
motion. Tension does not. Newton's
Universal Equation is not an equation
of force,
but of tension.
Do we need a physical object to mediate

If you reply that we don't, you are doing
'physics' with magic! The fact that we don't
see the air we breathe does not mean that
thereare no molecules around our mouths.

So? What invisible physical object
mediates gravity?

We propose that EM Ropes interconnect
all atoms. Now we can visualize the
invisible mechanism of gravity.


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