Diseases never wiped out a species

    Bugging vectors

    Can disease cause the complete elimination of a species?

    Charlotte Houldcroft seems to think so. Of course, she's not a paleontologist, but this is actually trivial if she
    has a rational theory to offer for the extinction of the Neanderthals. She doesn't. She merely took for granted
    the nonsense that Neanderthals mated with humans and extrapolated that, in the process, humans passed on
    diseases that the Neanderthals couldn't handle.

    There are so many misconceptions in Charlotte's analysis that it makes you wonder what these sorry folk
    learn at the universities.

    1. The first one is that crowd diseases are a thing of crowds, something primitive,
    extremely low density, hunter-gatherers never experienced. How is it that this
    naive girl didn't learn this in her years getting a PhD?

    2. A second one is that the amusing theory crusaders like Trinkaus, Paabo and
    Reich peddle is that Neanderthal males slept with anatomically modern human
    females. Charlotte seems to have this misconception that it was human males
    that passed on their syphilis through the Neanderthal females. Three mitochondrial
    DNA (mtDNA) analyses clearly show that in the best of cases humans descend
    from Neanderthal men. ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ). That's the theory these folks are proposing.

    3. More basic yet, the studies suggest that Neanderthals and Cromagnon were two
    distinct species despite the insistence of the admixture crowd. There is no clear
    indication that Neanderthals and humans ever met, let alone ever had intimate
    relations after they parted company 500,000 or so years ago from some version of
    H. erectus. Therefore, the notion that human hunter-gatherers migrating to Europe
    in small, isolated gangs passed crowd diseases to even fewer clans of Neanderthal
    hunter-gatherers living in the far corners of the continent is not idiotic. It is amusing.
    You wonder who were the 'peers' that reviewed Charlotte's paper and allowed such
    nonsense to be published.

    What Charlotte's case really shows is how 'science' is done today by the censurers that control the
    publishing world. Her submission was accepted by the peer reviewers because it supported the party line:
    that humans mated with Neanderthals. A rational paper would never have been published in the same journal
    on grounds that 'editorial space is limited'...... limited to those papers that are 'scientifically correct'
    (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Charlotte's paper would have never had a chance in a genuine scientific mag.

    The Clovis and the megafauna

    Did the Clovis People bring diseases to kill the megafauna in North America when they crossed the Bering

    Deluded paleo-mathemagician and censurer Ross Macphee seems to think so. He invented the 'hyper'
    disease theory. All Quaternary extinctions were due to the introduction of diseases by... you know who!
    When Man appeared, all animals vanished. It's an open and shut case.

    Well, not all animals. Some remained. And this is what overkill and hyperdisease proponents have trouble
    answering. It's the nagging selectivity problem that no paleo-mathemagician was ever able to resolve and
    never will. The reasons are clear:

    1. Firstly, they are all brainwashed in college and continue to brainwash each other
    with the same misconceptions over and over: that climate kills species... that asteroids
    kill species... that volcanoes and gases kill species. And, of course, that diseases kill

    2. Secondly, they usually cover the selectivity hole with secondary agents and
    mechanisms which they repeat over and over. They always go around and around the
    same old theories. Therefore, the paleo-celebrities are never urged to pour any gray
    matter into the matter. They just sidestep the selectivity issue and rush to get their
    manuscripts published.

    3. Thirdly, they censor people with opposing views and don't allow their ridiculous
    theories to be challenged. The result is that the universities teach the same nonsense
    over and over to the new breeds who then become professors, peer reviewers, and
    journal editors. A so-called 'scientist' of today is an individual who absolutely fears that
    someone might come up with a new theory that debunks his religion... and as a bonus
    threatens his job and his funding. That's why you will never hear of an alternative
    extinction theory in the journals ever again. And if it's not in the journal, it won't be
    included in the Wikipedia or the British Encyclopedia. The only way to publish an
    alternative theory today is through personal websites, Youtube, Facebook, or other
    medium that is not controlled (so far) by the 'scientific' Establishment.

    One of the arguments usually invoked by disease buffs as evidence of the soundness of their theories is that
    the Conquistadors coughed the Aztecs to death.

    The answer is another question: Did all the Aztecs die? Did they become extinct?

    Not only are the disease proponents applying crowd diseases born in sedentary agricultural environments to
    low density, migrating bands of hunter gatherers, but they never learned that diseases always leave someone
    alive in the population who has a natural resistance to them. It's known as a population bottleneck. The effect
    of diseases is to streamline the species into ever decreasing genetic diversity, not to wipe out the species

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