Volcanoes destroyed
ALL life on Earth!
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     Mass Extinction Causes and Mechanisms
    Proposed by the Paleo-Math Establishment

    A Rational Mechanism for Mass Extinction

    The Asteroid - Volcano War  

    Essentially, the agents that catastrophists propose for mass extinctions come down to two: asteroids and
    volcanoes. This is the result of staring for too long at stratigraphic layers and drooling. It is about hypnotized
    automatons doing the work that thinkers should be doing.  The bone dusters see a line in a cross section of the
    mountain. Below is one color. Above is another. What could have happened if not some sudden catastrophe?
    The climate changed. There was dryness here and humidity there. They scrape some powder off the rock.
    There's carbon and sulfur and silicon and iridium and diamonds and shocked quartz. What else could have
    left these footprints if not an uninvited asteroid or nasty volcano? It's an open and shut case.

    So what will the debate at the conference be about if the evidence is patently clear?

    The fight will be over whether the animals disappeared in two seconds or in two million years. The fight will
    be over whether there is a hole to prove the sudden asteroid or a thick layer to prove gradual emissions. If
    both, they all celebrate. They will conclude and collude and reach consensus that the volcano kept killing
    species for thousands of years until the asteroid finally finished the job. The fight will be over whether the
    shocked quartz can only be produced by an asteroid or it can also be generated by unusually powerful
    volcanic activity. If both, they all uncork the champaign bottles again.

    The fight will NEVER be over whether plants can disappear all on their own without the need for an extrinsic
    trigger. It never occurred to them.

    As it stands now, the asteroidists have won the Cretaceous and the volcanists have won the Permian. Since
    the K-T Extinction is much more popular than the Permian, the asteroidists have the advantage. However,
    since the asteroidists are pure mathemagicians while the volcanists are paleo-mathemagicians, the volcanists
    may be able to prevent 'sudden' mass extinctions from ever taking place again. Painfully aware now that the
    mathemagicians want to take over their guild with the help of NASA, the volcanists will go out of their way to
    deny that any other crater on Earth coincided with a mass extinction event. Volcanoes, earthquakes and
    supereplumes are also proposed for the Devonian and the Triassic. There is even an attempt to kill the poor
    Neanderthals and even us with them. Some 'creative' paleo-mathemagicians have even proposed that the
    Toba eruption was ultimately responsible for the decease of Neanderthal by compelling humans to adopt
    different survival strategies. If these so-called 'paleontologists' are anywhere right, we should start keeping
    a closer eye on those volcanoes. They may erupt at any moment and ruin more than your picnic.

    Actually, when it comes down to it, there's not much difference between these two catastrophic currents.
    both rely on secondary effects to do a mass extinction. Therefore, whether we invoke asteroids or volcanoes,
    it doesn't matter in the end. What kills the plants and animals according to catastrophists are the subsequent
    sequence of events. Both must invoke sulfur in some way to generate acid rain that will kill the plants and
    acidify the oceans. Both must invoke gases that will asphyxiate life and change the atmospheric environment.
    Both end up killing every living entity on Earth. Both leave it up to the listener to fill in the blanks on how God
    created life all over again millions of years later. Neither asteroids nor volcanoes simulate what actually
    occurred. These agents should be removed from the list of causes of mass extinctions.

    All mass extinctions are geologically sudden, yet gradual

    So? What do volcanists propose?

    Above all volcanists want you to believe what asteroidists want to hide or are ignorant of: that mass
    extinctions don't happen in a day. Mass extinctions take hundreds or thousands of years.

    The asteroidists simply have in their tiny minds this amusing picture where 'the dinosaurs' collectively
    disappeared as a monolithic block 65 mya. There is no attempt by the superficial, NASA-sponsored
    'researcher' to dissect what died and when. It's the redneck, broad paintbrush approach: "The dinosaurs
    became extinct." Unsurprisingly, they end up confirming their foregone conclusions. And they end up saying
    stupid things like, "If it hadn't been for that lucky strike the dinos would still be around."

    It never clicked on the asteroidist's mind that the very end of the Cretaceous found a significantly reduced
    group of conifers, specifically cycads, cycadeoids and ginkgos. How did the single asteroid strike produce
    this GRADUAL pattern of extinctions?

    But a volcanist only gets the timing more or less right. It's when he tells you that the volcano spewed not
    only lava, but also gases, which then polluted the air, which then mixed with water and then created acid
    rain. The gaseous emissions clouded the skies. The greenhouse atmosphere raised global temperatures.
    Plants and animals were fried. Then the cloudy atmosphere prevented sunlight from reaching the surface
    and the Earth went into an ice age. Whatever plant or animal that survived now froze to death. It is at this
    point that you start wondering about the fellow's credentials, his claim to expertise and his state of mind...

The volcanists have the upper
hand against the asteroidists
when explaining phenomena
such as the GRADUAL
disappearance of conifers
throughout the Cretaceous.
You simply can't do it with