A mathematical physicist is an individual who...

    A general relativist is an individual who...

I believe that all mathematical physicists should be hanged
from the highest trees and telephone poles available.

If the laws forbid this, or it messes up the landscape,
then we should institutionalize the whole lot of them.
But keep in mind that there aren't enough funny farms to hold so many idiots.

I'm so upset that relativists hold the reins of power that I think that I'll
just go and read the newspaper to cool off...

    A special relativist is an individual who...

A mechanic is an individual who...

    A string theorist is an individual who...

    if you are in your teens or 20s and think that you have a great future
            ahead of you, or you are businessman and have kids of your own
            and are worried about their future or the future of their children, I
    hate to spoil it for you...

    if you are a preservationist, environmentalist, or conservationist and
            are worried about pollution or about global warming or about saving
            the pandas and the whales, or about the thinning of the ozone, or
            about nuclear war, you can stop worrying now about these issues too.

            We are a herd of buffaloes stampeding towards a precipice which is
            only a few inches away. We have no way of changing course. We will
            not make it to the 22nd Century. So you may want to take my advice:
    Live today like there's no tomorrow, because there isn't.
    The socioeconomic structures we have painstakingly developed over centuries
    are about to disintegrate across the planet. When that happens...
    you're on your own!

Don't forget to read

Bill's Log

fascinating papers from the 'scientific' literature

Why read
Nature or Science when you can get the facts here?

Why God Doesn't Exist
Relativists also believe that
The more adventurous believe that
or time travel through worm-
There they will terraform and  
continue doing Math

The more conservative believe that
either as androids, cyborgs, post-
Some believe that they will have their

We are the last generation of humans on Earth !
So what is a mathematical physicist?  What is it that these folks believe in?
they are going to live forever.
they will warp speed to the stars
holes to parallel universes.
colonize suitable planets and
until the
Big Crunch.

they will live eternally here on Earth
humanists, extropists, or whatever.
'minds ' implanted onto silicon substrates.
Believe me: I would love nothing better than to grant
their wish today,
but unfortunately I have bad news for all of them...
Oh. I almost forgot ...
This website was officially inaugurated on June 1, 2008 and is intended as a gift to mankind.
It's purpose is to allow those few individuals blessed with intelligence to understand a little
bit about our Universe before our species disappears from the face of the Earth.
You Stupid Relativist . com is committed to the destruction of the religion known as
Mathematical Physics. General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics make a travesty of
Science and should be abolished. They constitute frauds against humanity.
Three Blind Mice
of the
World of Math

You Stupid Relativist is determined to debunk and eradicate

Mathematical Physics   (the 'science' of reification)...

an amusing world of ...
Mission statement: To utterly destroy the idiotic religions known as

General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and the Electric Universe.
just go around
and around  in
spirals into a
black hole
Hanging string
theory out to dry
The mechanic
fixin' what
ain't broken

Hear yea, Hear yea! Read all about it!
Fast breaking news stories of relativity.
Click here

if you want a summary of the relevant
principles, foundations, and definitions of Science and Physics
A 'field' day at
Bear Creek Elementary

How four relativists
robbed a bank

Believe it or not!
Relativists say Nile
is frozen stiff
twins meet
time dilated
...out of sync
with reality
I can't stand it any longer.

from cradle...
H. habilis
1.6 mya
H. erectus
1 mya
600-250 kya
350-30 kya
130 kya -

all species walk their way
towards extinction
...to grave
3 mya
But first...

let's have a word about four-letter words
and ridiculing other people's ideas
Sorry, but I can't
take you stooges
Yep! This is it! You have arrived at...
To recap some of the main points, a relativist...

         presents invalid objects to explain his theories (e.g., singularities, point
    particles, wave-packets)
         routinely moves concepts (e.g., transfers energy, moves mass, carries force)
         does not define the terms that make or break his theories (e.g., point, line,
    object, distance, dimension, motion, exist)
         refuses to follow the scientific method
         has no idea what light, gravity, dark matter, or a field is

    but wishes you to you to believe that Relativity and Quantum are complete theories,
    that they have never been falsified, and that these disciplines cannot be challenged
    because they have already been accepted by a majority of mathematical physicists.
That's why I shout at the top of my lungs:
Some browsers save you the trouble. You will only
hear the cuckoo once, which is more times than
what most of us wish to hear it.


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If you are new to Mathematical Physics, you may also wonder what a relativist is.

A relativist is a disciple of the late
Pastor Al Einstein (1879 - 1955), founder of the
Church of Relativity. This sect is a branch of the religion of Mathematical Physics.

In a nutshell, Pastor Al was deluded into thinking that
space is a physical object.
A schism in the Church later produced the two micro-world sects known as
Quantum Mechanics and String Theory.

I will refer to a member of any of these sects of Mathematical Physics as a

because a person who believes in the poppycock of relativity usually believes in the
nonsense of Quantum Mechanics too. Many of them also believe in an even greater
idiocy known as String Theory.

So allow me to summarize who Pastor Al's followers are and what they believe in.
If you wish to understand the arguments presented in this site, it is essential to get you at
least within the ballpark. Otherwise, you run the risk of misinterpreting much of what you
read. This site contains a new language. Key words such as
object, exist, and motion, are
defined rigorously and do not mean what they ordinarily mean to a mathemagician.
Therefore, in order to minimize frustration, it is highly recommended that you read
introduction. You would not want to waste your time attacking a straw man.

You Stupid Relativist . Com has the purpose of exposing Mathematical Physics for what it
an irrational religion. The most natural place to start the discussion is by telling you a
little bit about who these latter-day astrologers, alchemists, and Platonists are, what they
believe in, and what they do. If you already had run-ins with relativists and know what I'm
talking about, this site is designed to provide you with an arsenal of arguments that you
can use to debunk their ideas in forums and FAQs. Let's see how much the bozos of the
establishment really know and settle once and for all whether they have any authority to
interpret the physical world for you.
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