In order to maintain their preeminence as 'scientists', their salaries, their celebrity status and, most
    importantly, the funds flowing towards their projects and organizations, the mathemagicians created an
    institution popularly known as peer review. All hopefuls and aspirants must submit their manuscripts to
    the hooded monks of the Mathemagical Inquisition if they wish to be published in a 'respectable' journal.
    It is from these journals that magazines that popularize science draw their syntheses which they simplify
    for the masses.

    Of course, the hooded monks are none other than relativists, mechanics and string theorists. The entire
    'Physics' Establishment is stacked with mathemagicians. In Paleontology, it is the asteroid theorists on
    the dinosaur side and the admixture, competition and overkill theorists on the Neanderthal, Woolly and
    megafauna side. Many of mathematicians who secretly moonlight as peer-reviewers openly state in the
    forums that they routinely throw into the trashcan submissions proposing Classical Mechanics (i.e., rational,
    macro-world physics) as an interpretation for the workings of the subatomic world. They will only consider
    papers which reinforce the traditional explanations of Quantum Mechanics because irrationality doesn't
    bother them at all. The logic behind irrational explanations is that we puny humans have no chance of ever
    explaining in a rational manner how this Universe works. Therefore, any explanation must of necessity be
    irrational, something that no one can understand. Anyone proposing the contrary is not only insinuating that
    all the greatest scientists of the 20th Century were wrong, but that he has all by his little bitty self figured it
    all out. It is extremely arrogant of him, mere self-aggrandizement. The mechanics will have none of it. The
    smart aleck is, without more, ostracized and cast into the fire.

    Therefore, the lone dissident, the independent thinker, has an uphill battle, and I am being quite liberal in
    my use of the term 'uphill battle'. I really mean that he has no chance whatsoever of publishing. His 'peers'
    will never allow his writings to reach the public. GR and QM cannot be allowed to fail... not after 100 years
    that they've been around... What would this say about everyone from Einstein to Hawking? No! Make no
    mistake. We die with Quantum and Relativity!

    In effect, the publishing world has worked its way to a situation where the wolves are guarding the sheep.
    Any theorist seeking publication must base his conclusions on one of the two pillars of modern Math. They
    are now beyond scrutiny. The mathemagicians have decreed that GR and QM have already been proven
    and there is nothing more to argue. These powerful decision-makers make this sweeping claim despite
    giving lip service to Karl Popper's famous one-liner contribution to the religion of Mathemagics that a single
    falsification suffices to debunk them. Of course, if the people running the experiments are all relativists and
    mechanics and merely go through the motions of 'confirming' their foregone conclusions, we will never see
    or hear about an experiment that falsifies Mathematical 'physics'. Actually, I'll take that back. There was at
    least one instance of failure: Gravity Probe B. The gyroscopes began to wobble for reasons other than the
    predicted frame dragging which is what the experiment was supposed to verify. Fortunately, the savvy
    controllers at NASA got more funds, fudged with the data, and were able to proclaim confirmation yet one
    more time.

    Therefore, the entire system has worked its way to a catch-22 situation. The editors wish to publish new
    material to keep the interest of journal readers, but the foundations of Mathemagical 'fizzix' must remain
    intact. Authors must be respect them. General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can no longer be
    challenged. They are widely regarded as proven and taken for Truth.


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