SPACE: A Religion Called General Relativity

    TIME: Absolute Relativistic Nonsense

    FORCE: A Quantum of Bunk!

    LIGHT: The Grand Unified Theory

    GRAVITY: Why Pioneer X is Decelerating  

    FIELD: How a Magnet Really Works

    UNIVERSE: Why Black Holes Don't Exist

    LIFE: Why Gays are Attracted to Men

    DEATH: Why UFOs Don't Exist

    CREATION: Why God Doesn't Exist
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    Publisher: ViNi (February 8, 2008)

    Language: English

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    In this day and age it is impossible to publish a new scientific theory through the established media. A
    book publisher will not even read your manuscript unless you have first gone through the peer review
    process. Without a healthy dose of authority behind your submission it will remain a promise. Therefore,  
    if you wish to challenge the establishment's version of light, gravity, the atom, electricity, magnetism, and
    other natural phenomena, it is next to impossible to do it all at once. You will first be required to submit a
    series of papers establishing a milestone in each category through official channels. One problem with
    this process is that it takes about two years to publish a paper! This means that if you have 50 new ideas
    never before considered by the establishment, it would take you about 100 years to publish them if one is
    founded upon another. A more formidable obstacle is religion. The peer review system is inordinately
    biased in favor of the religion of Mathematical Physics. Imagine submitting a paper arguing against God to
    a secret inquisition board comprised of 3 Christians, 2 Muslims, and 1 Buddhist. What are the chances of
    getting published? So now assume that you suspect the fantastic physical interpretations offered by
    Mathematical Physics. You submit your paper to a publisher who presents it for review to a secret panel
    consisting of 3 relativists, 2 mechanics, and 1 string theorist. What do you think will be your chances of
    publishing your article within this century? Yet I believe that this site provides sufficient evidence in
    support of the argument that the fundamentals of Mathematical Physics are misconstrued (e.g., point, line,
    distance, dimensions). You have to agree that as a minimum the establishment needs to clean up its act.

    It is for this reason that I have chosen not to publish through the peer review system any more. The     
    peer review system is not a method that scientists have invented to ensure that only scientific papers get
    published. It is rather a method the establishment has found to censor those who threaten the theories
    and research projects that are currently being funded. This is not science at its best. This is religion at its

    The authentic spirit of science thrives when the valve to communication is opened:

    " The free, unhampered exchange of ideas and scientific conclusions is necessary for
      the sound development of science, as it is in all spheres of cultural life."

    " The replacement of impartial reviewing by censorship will be the death of science."

    Unfortunately, the 'scientific' mainstream has departed from these words of wisdom. Popular
    journals such as Nature and Science are not in the business of science any more. They are in the
    business of making money. For this they need to make their readers happy. And since most readers have
    been conditioned in college to believe in mainstream theories that have been around for a century, the
    editors censure anything that departs from these expectations. The establishment has effectively worked
    its way to a catch-22 situation. Readers have been conditioned to take the fantastic conclusions of
    Mathematical Physics for science and the journals fear disappointing their customers.

    If you want to read new theories and make up your own mind about them, you certainly will not find
    these in the most prestigious journals. The editors of these magazines have already made up their minds
    for you. They tell you the same thing over and over again. That black holes have been confirmed... again.
    That nature is weirder than you think and that you should set aside your intuition. That a ground-breaking
    study now suggests that dark matter may exist... again. That the folks at WMAP have confirmed that
    although space is curved, the Universe is flat... again. By the time the information reaches you, it has been
    thoroughly 'laundered' by the establishment. We have reached a situation today where the wolves are
    guarding the sheep. If things continue as they are, you will from now on and forever read about black
    holes, time warps, ad hoc virtual particles that pop out of nowhere, parallel universes separated from each
    other by nothing, and the wonders of String Theory.  What do these fantasies have to do with the real

    Why God Doesn't Exist (WGDE) presents a fresh perspective on the nature of light and
    gravity that unlike General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics is rational. It is rational not because I say
    so. It is rational because, among other reasons, I can illustrate what I am talking about. For instance, I can
    point to a picture or to a statue or to a mockup of the invisible mechanism that underlies the phenomenon
    we know as light. I can make a movie of this entity and simulate Young's slit experiment or the
    photoelectric effect. You don't need a mathematician to interpret for you what your eyes are seeing. You
    can judge the merits of my proposals on your own without an intermediary. It is by replacing the alleged
    'language of science' (i.e., Mathematics) with the true language of science (i.e., visualization) that you
    bypass the censors, and this is what they fear the most.

    What does a mathematical physicist offer you in the alternative? What movie can a relativist make of
    Mercury's perihelion shift if he admittedly cannot even imagine space-time? What is he going to put in the
    first frame of the movie? A photograph of space? A picture of a rotating 4D tesseract? What is a mechanic
    going to point to at the start of his explanation for the photoelectric effect? To a 2D wave-packet? To a
    mathematical wave function? Is this what light is? Is this what an electron is? What is a string theorist
    going to exhibit at the industrial fair? A statue of a  1-D string? What dimension does this 1-D 'entity'
    have? Height? The mathematicians cannot explain a single phenomenon of nature. They can only
    describe what they observe with equations and functions:

    " Philosophers of science point out that science doesn't answer why questions, it
      only answers how questions. Science doesn't explain; science describes." [2]

    This is what the establishment mistakenly identifies with Science.

    In WGDE, I criticize the appalling ineptitude of the scientific establishment and challenge the theories of
    Mathematical Physics. I say that the irrational conclusions at which the mathematicians have arrived are a
    consequence of disregarding the scientific method. The bureaucrats who sit on anonymous peer
    censorship boards have lost touch with Science. The entire scientific community still lives in the Dark
    Ages as far as an understanding of nature is concerned, still offering supernatural and irrational
    explanations for physical phenomena as was the norm 1000 years ago. The currency of ignorance today
    is Mathematics, not because there is anything wrong with Math itself. It is by relying exclusively on
    Mathematics that prevents a theorist from using common sense and visualizing the invisible subatomic
    world. You should not be surprised, therefore, that the rednecks in a court somewhere in Kansas
    determined that Science may now also include supernatural explanations. You can't blame them. The
    mathematical physicists have been offering supernatural explanations now for about 100 years and the
    editors of journals don't bat an eyelash anymore. The mathematicians have nothing better to offer.

    WGDE serves as a complement to this web site. Among its highlights you will discover:

       a model of the atom that is genuinely compatible with quantum numbers
         and Schrodinger's wave equation

       a model of the neutron that does away with the ridiculous billiard ball
         world of Quantum Mechanics, not to mention the amusing world of strings

       how electricity and magnets really work (i.e., physically)

       how celestial bodies really (physically) generate their magnetic fields

       the physical mechanisms underlying charge, diffraction, tunneling, and

       a physical explanation for phenomena such as reflection, refraction,
         the slit experiment, the photoelectric effect, gravitational lensing,
         Olbers' Paradox, etc.

       why the ropes of Thread Theory don't get tangled (Under QM, the
         question is why two 'photons' don't interact.)

       a rational definition of the word life

       the correct arguments you should use against those who believe that
         God exists (specifically addressing the holy books and arguments of
         Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, and, of course, of our
         beloved relativists)

    WGDE proposes an entirely new version of our Universe. Our Universe is not comprised of particles. It
    is interwoven by electromagnetic threads. Every atom in the Universe is connected to all others. Light
    consists of a torsion along this DNA-like configuration, and gravity is a tension caused by an aggregate of
    these ropes. There are only two forces in the Universe, two forms of physical contact that we can
    imagine: push (light) and pull (gravity). The mathematical physicists have invented in addition the weak
    force (another form of push) and the strong interaction (another form of pull). In Quantum there are two
    forms of push and two forms of pull. The mechanics refer to these two forces as the four forces or
    interactions. They specifically clarify that a particle has the ability to carry one of these forces and deliver
    it upon contact with another. Just in case, the scholars throw in a caveat that you should suspect your
    intuition and take their word at face value because it is backed by authority and Math.

    WGDE is written and illustrated for the layman yet it contains thought-provoking material for the expert
    as well. I have gone out of my way to simplify complex issues of Mathematical Physics -- not an easy task.
    The project required sifting the most important questions that researchers are investigating and
    presenting the material in a way that the average person could understand. Depicting the explanations
    and concepts with images does not detract from the book's merits. Quite the contrary! Illustrations
    simplify complex topics even for the expert:

    " If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't really understand it."   R. Feynman

    " If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough… It should
      be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid."   A. Einstein

    The notion that we need sophisticated scientific language (i.e., equations) to understand how a dull rock
    such as Mercury rolls around the Sun is a myth created by the mathematical establishment. You don't
    need a function to understand how or why a pen rolled off the table and onto the floor after an earth-
    quake. All you need is to watch the film.

    The book contains over 300 illustrations, and this certainly helps visualize the contrasts between the
    proposals of Mathematical Physics and those that arise from the rope model.  WGDE is structured
    similarly to these web pages. Therefore, if you more or less understood the concepts depicted here, you
    will feel quite at home with WGDE.

    WGDE strives to show that there is no God, no miracle, no supernatural explanation for the workings
    of the Universe as claimed by General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and traditional
    religion. WGDE holds that Big Bang is a creationist theory in disguise. The Big Bang Theory is nothing
    more than a veiled way of selling God. Big Bang is, as Christian apologist William Lane Craig says, just a
    stealthy  form of Creation ex-nihilo. That's why 'scientists' such as Jastrow and Sandage today help
    individuals such as Craig spread Christianity, while pseudo-atheists like Hawking and Davies spend their
    time apologizing and creating excuses for why they don't know.

    If you are open to new ideas and want to have a fresh look at science, specifically the physical workings
    of light, gravity, electricity, magnetism, etc., WGDE provides you with a rational alternative. You will never
    listen to a mathematician again. That's my sales pitch!
    Chapter One

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A paperback version of WGDE
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A paperback version of WGDE
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