Special Relativity made simple is the ideal book for laymen
    with open minds who suspect the fantastic explanations they
    hear and read about from authoritative 'scientific' sources.
    Does it make sense to say that twin brothers could differ in
    their ages by 50 years? Is it rational to say that you can
    travel to the past to kill your grandfather or to the future to
    meet your great grandkids? Is this science or Hollywood
    fantasy? Do you believe that your body flattens out or that
    fat accumulates under your skin when you travel in your

    Special Relativity made simple addresses these and similar
    physical interpretations that the mathematical establishment
    spreads as truth to the lay public. The book arms the average
    reader with straight forward arguments that enables them to
    question and challenge Einstein's ridiculous theories on the
    Internet and in conferences.

    84 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9704960-2-8, ViNi (2014)

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