Mathemagics: the 'science'
of collecting data

    In Science, we don't collect data

    The mathemagicians have spread the falsehood that 'science' is about collecting data. The goal they have
    in mind is not to understand, but to prove. The purpose of collecting data can only be to crunch it and
    convert it into evidence. And what is the purpose of evidence if not to persuade with the intent to recruit?

    Data collecting is what technicians do. It is a job for lab workers, secretaries, gofers, paleontologist
    assistants, accountants, and the like. It's for people who do the leg work and use their hands. The job of
    a scientist is to use his head, to interpret and make sense of the data. A scientist is someone who thinks
    and comes up with explanations. When he comes to the conference, the audience expects him to talk
    about a theory, not to show a bunch of data that he had his assistants collect. The fact that he has
    collected tons of data may show that he put in his time and worked hard. It doesn't show that he
    understood the phenomenon. What will show this is a rational explanation.

    Collecting data or extract understanding?

    Science is not about describing, which is what a person pointing to data is doing. Anyone can describe a
    chair. Is that what science is about? Describing without understanding?

    Science is about extracting information from the data and turning it into understanding. It is about making
    sense of the data the gofer collected. That's why scientists are paid those big bucks. We don't need to
    empty the treasury on a guy who just presents measurement data that his assistant collected for his
    presentation. And if he presents an irrational theory he should be executed... just like the kings used to
    execute astrologers who made erroneous guesses in the old days. Perhaps by putting their necks on the
    lines the mathemagicians might come up with rational explanations. As it stands now a fellow like Stephen
    Gawking can say anything he wants because he doesn't have to put his money where his mouth is. He
    merely states things and expects you to accept his nonsense on the basis of his authority.

    Data mining has to do with Mathematics and Mathematics is exclusively a descriptive language. Math can only
    describe... and then only quantitatively. That's how description and measurement were forcefully and stealthily
    introduced in the world known today as 'science'. And that's how we ended up with irrational theories such as
    black holes, dark matter, Big Bang and 'many copies of you'.
Data Mining
Data Collecting
Data Crunching

Science according to the
religion of Mathemagix:
garbage in, garbage out!


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