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Why God Doesn't Exist


    QM uses gravitons to explain why your heart attracts your liver since theorizing that they slide along curved space would
    be ludicrous. GR uses curved space to explain why the Andromeda Galaxy attracts the Sun. It would be ludicrous to
    propose that this long range phenomenon is mediated by round-trip particles. Conversely, it is ridiculous to attempt to
    explain the attraction between your heart and your liver with the warped space mechanism (Fig. 1). QM deals strictly with
    the microscopic and GR strictly with the macroscopic world. Never the twain shall meet! Now you understand why
    Hawking says that QM and GR cannot both be correct.
How QM

Fig. 1   

GR (macro world) and QM (micro
world) explanations for gravity as
applied to each other.

    Actually, there is something more fundamental that prevents these theories from ever being reconciled. QM deals with the
    discrete. GR deals with the continuous. The mathematicians coming out of college these days are attempting to merge the
    discrete with the continuous: QM with GR.. The new breed is placing its bets on a hybrid: the yet more idiotic discipline
    known as String Theory.

    Meanwhile, the mechanics explain gravity with gravitons. The problem with this explanation is that it invokes supernatural
    physical interpretations such as negative motion, many worlds, and time travel. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to
    remain serious when a mathematician explains attraction with particles. Have a good laugh, but try not to explode in their
    faces! You may offend them.
In Quantum, we generate attraction
by pitching boomerangs. Watch me
pull that guy behind you, Bill.
Yeah! Just make sure that you don't hit
your little weenie with that disc!


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