I briefly review a few of the golden rules, definitions, and principles of Science and Physics:

    •        If you cannot define a crucial word that makes or breaks your theory, you cannot and shouldn’t
       use it in your dissertation.

    •        A scientific definition is one that can be used consistently throughout the dissertation

           An object is that which has shape; a concept is that which doesn’t.

    •        Physics is first and foremost the science of objects, specifically of objects that exist. If you
       cannot draw it, it doesn’t belong in Physics, at least not as a physical object.

    •        Concepts do not have the ability to move. Movement is an attribute restricted to physical objects.
       A concept is a relation between two objects; it already embodies motion.

           Space is that which doesn't have shape. Space is not a thing. Space is a place.

    The 5 strategic words of Mathematical Physics -- energy, mass, field, force, and time meet none of these
    conditions. They cannot and should not be used in science.

The five superpowers of the God of Mathematics

Without them, He is nothing
Adapted for the Internet from:

Why God Doesn't Exist
The five unscientific words of
Mathematical Physics:
mass, force, field, and time


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