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The mechanics use
the word
force as a
physical object

    The word force is to Quantum Mechanics what space-time is to General Relativity and time to Special Relativity:
    the bread and butter of the theory. Without force, QM is bankrupt. Hence, in order to avoid circular discussions,
    let's find out what this strategic word means to the contemporary mathematician.
    According to Newton’s Second Law, force is a vector quantity, a measure of a body’s acceleration in the
    direction in which force is applied.

    " an influence on a body or system, producing or tending to produce a change
      in movement or in shape or other effects" [1]  

    Force is also defined as capacity to do work or cause change, and is understood to be an object’s resistance
    against push or pull.

    " A force is a "push" or "pull" experienced by a mass m when it is accelerated" [2]

    This means that force implicitly involves two objects and a minimum of two frames of the universal film. Force
    is a dynamic parameter and requires two or more locations of an object.

    Does any of this ring a bell?

    Yes, unfortunately for our misguided mechanics these definitions of force, like those of mass and energy, force
    it out of the list of nouns of Physics too. You try to imagine the shape of pull and your mind draws a blank. You
    take a snapshot of push and the picture reveals two palms in contact with the side of a box. Newton’s 2nd Law
    describes another running-horse. From a physicist’s viewpoint, force, like all other magnitudes, is just another
    quantitative adverb, a generic name given to a type of motion.

       adverb    =      adverb   *      adverb
         force      =      mass      *    acceleration

    Therefore, the word force cannot be used as a battering ram to push things along as the mathematicians
    perpetually do. Force is not the baseball bat, but rather what the baseball bat does to a ball. This is not a
    quantitative, but a qualitative issue. This is not an issue that involves Mathematics. It is exclusively a semantic

    The mathematicians may scoff that I haven’t told them anything new. They already knew this.

    Ah! But then we have a major contradiction because the mechanics say that force is a particle.

    You what?

    Yes! According to official Quantum Theory, push itself is a stone. Now either the mathematicians don’t
    understand their own theory or they’ve been talking metaphorically for the last 75 years. Let’s find out which.
Watch carefully, Bill!
The boys will show
you how we pitch a
force in Quantum


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