The CIA building in Langley (McLean), Virginia -- ironically named
George Bush Center for Intelligence in 1999 -- perhaps for
his role
in the assassination of Kennedy.
I turned myself in at that building
on July 13, 1992.

They asked me through a squawk box to park my rental in the
second space near the building. A guard came out of the left hand
side of the building with his hand glued to his holster and shouting
at me to put my hands on top of the car. He frisked me, but in his
nervousness missed the tiny recorder in my underwear.

The guard told me to walk through the glass doors, and there I
came face to face with a petite case agent code-named Katie
who was seemingly sitting on a high chair behind the counter.
She asked me questions for about 20 or 30 minutes while two
towering guards stood on either side of me. Katie asked me to
give her the material I came to deliver. When I went to my back
pocket to pull out my wallet, I saw through the corner of my left
eye how the guard on that side took his hand to his holster.
Very, very slowly, I pulled my wallet out and gave Katie the rice
paper with the instructions for my next meeting with Luis Aguero
in Piedras Negras, Mexico.
Special Agents Ray Thomas and Paul
Masterson handled the case for
Jim King out of the FBI's
San Francisco Office.
Special Agent Jim King
and his 'bad cop'
Special Agent Bob Baker
of the Austin FBI office
were in charge of the case.
FBI Special Agent Bob Baker
in his younger days.
Special Agent David Johnson
arrested me and filed the
criminal affidavit.
Where are they now?
Polygraph expert Salvador Escobedo
administered the lie detector for King.
FBI Special Agent John Grant
at my home in Arizona.

On August 24, Austin FBI Special Agent Jim King
called me at work and said he wanted to talk with
me about my recent visit to Langley. Two days
later, King and Special Agent Bob Baker came to
my house (613 Blackberry, above) in Austin,
Texas, and we began an uneasy on-again-off-
again relation, the goal of which was to penetrate
Cuban intelligence. What neither the CIA nor the
FBI suspected is that I was
filming and recording
their agents from the start.


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