Science has to do with knowledge only in name

    One of the greatest misconceptions that most people have is that Science is about acquiring knowledge.
    This notion comes to us first from the Greeks and then from the Romans who copied from the Greeks.  
    Despite that the word ‘science’ comes from the Latin ‘scire’ (to know), Science has NOTHING to do with

    The first problem is that NO ONE in the last 10,000 years has defined the word ‘knowledge…

    1. The Stanford Encyclopedia has no idea what 'knowledge' means…

    "Not every concept is analyzable into more fundamental terms. This is clear both upon
    reflection on examples—what analysis could be offered of hydrogen, animal, or John
    F. Kennedy?—and on grounds of infinite regress. Why should we think that knowledge
    has an analysis? … knowledge is among the most fundamental psychological and
    epistemological states there are. As such, it is a mistake to analyze knowledge in
    terms of other, more fundamental epistemic notions, because knowledge itself is, in
    at least many cases, more fundamental."

    2. The Wkipedia has no idea what 'knowledge' means…

    "The definition of knowledge is a matter of ongoing debate among philosophers in the
    field of epistemology."

    "Knowledge, being a primitive fact of consciousness, cannot, strictly speaking, be defined"

    Knowledge is just another of the 10,000 words that remain primitive and that the religion of Mathemagix
    will never be able to define... in great measure because no one in the Mathemagical Establishment has
    ever learned how to define words precisely (i.e., scientifically). The worldly wisdom is that ultimately
    words cannot be defined because they rely on other words that also need to be defined and so on ad

    The second problem is that from the Greeks onwards, the mathemagicians confused Science for a quest
    for ‘knowledge’. Science is not. Science is about explaining. We must explain how a magnet attracts another.
    We must explain how come a pen falls to the floor and not to the ceiling. After 10,000 years we still have no
    answers to these questions from the Mathemagical Establishment.

    Science is not about knowing. Science is about explaining. What we have to do is define these two terms
    unambiguously to establish the difference between what Science does and what Mathemagix does...

    knowledge / to know: the ability to predict the outcome of an experiment or observation
    without error

    explanation / to explain: 1. the causes (Physics) or reasons (Philosophy) underlying a
    phenomenon. 2. The prosecutor’s version of how or why a consummated event happened.  

    Knowledge has to do with the future. Explanation has to do with the past. Never will the twain meet...
    any more than night will meet day. Science does not deal with the future, with what hasn't happened.
    Science only deals with what has.

    My theory is correct

    The main reason that the Mathemagical Establishment uses the word 'know' is to impose upon you that a
    theory has been proven. The insinuation is that you must simply take a course and memorize the facts
    already established by the Establishment. It is one way the mathemagicians have of neutralizing alternative
    theories. The other is to censor them through 'respectable' peer-reviewed journals that they control. The
    mathemagicians simply take the rug from under the skeptic's feet and the wind out of his sails. The
    mathemagician is in effect shoving his theory down your throat by saying that he is correct and you are an
    ignoramus that is behind on your education. He has the backing of the entire establishment, the one that
    educated him. What do you have? Who stands behind you? Einstein famously exclaimed when Eddington
    'confirmed' his warped space theory: "The theory is correct!" Well, that was just HIS opinion! That's all that
    'correct' means. Nevertheless, an irrational theory such as General Relativity cannot possibly be 'correct'.

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