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Why God Doesn't Exist


    A theory is a necessary ingredient of the scientific method. A theory is an explanation of how (cause)
    or why (reason, purpose) something happened. Where predictions and guesses have to do exclusively
    with the future, a theory deals exclusively with the past. Science ONLY deals with consummated events.
    Science does not deal with predictions or with experiments. Whether a researcher carried out or will
    carry out an experiment is irrelevant. The role of Science is to explain a phenomenon rationally so that
    the jury understands how or why it happened. The role of Math is merely to describe how something
    behaved either at hypothesis or at theory. If a hypothesis is a narrative -- an ideally objective description
    --  a theory is a subjective explanation.

    The establishment erroneously believes that a show of hands summarily converts a theory into a fact.
    Here I do my best to debunk such misconceptions. There is no Legislature of Knowledge. You can
    at best persuade another human being that you have discovered one of Mother Nature's secrets.
    Whether you have really discovered a secret of hers is something only she knows for sure. No human
    or group of humans has a monopoly on knowledge, much less the mathematical physicists on our
    planet. Yet all mathematicians on Earth are convinced that they and they alone know how our Universe
    works. Every mathematician on Earth believes that light and atoms are either particles or waves. Every
    mathematician believes that space is warped and that there are magical objects such as black holes
    because Einstein's idiotic equations say so. Nothing is ever going to convince them of the contrary.
    The mathematicians have already voted. You have no say in the matter.

    The establishment has also confused theories for conclusions. In Science, we don't vote for theories
    (explanations), but for conclusions (beliefs). Before a juror can decide whether to vote for a conclusion,
    he must understand the theory. A theory is not an opinion, but an explanation. A theory is not about
    knowledge. A theory has to do with understanding.
A relativist thinks that a theory
becomes a fact

It wasn't really extra-terrestrials who
built them, Bill. That theory is a big fat
lie. It was a group of posthumanists
who went back in time.
No one knows the
facts like you do,
Indiana Al!


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