describe, description

    1.      A listing of properties of a physical object.

    (Syn: characterize, depict, portray, sketch)

    In Science, we use adjectives to describe objects. We use adverbs to qualify or characterize motion.

    The establishment erroneously equates Science with a description, usually with a mathematical description. A
    scientific theory absolutely requires an explanation. Without an explanation, the proponent does not show an
    understanding of the phenomenon. When we say that a pen fell to the ground because it was pulled by
    gravity we are narrating. We are simply stating what happened chronologically in objective terms. We will be
    explaining the day we can tell the jury what invisible entity underlies gravity and how it actually comes in
    physical contact with the pen. Only then will we have understanding. A mathematical expression is neither a
    description nor an explanation. The purpose of numbers, variables and equations is to symbolize (stand for) a
    dynamic concept. The number 5 stands for counting several times. The variable x means that you are
    supposed to replace x with a series of numbers. The equation x = y + 1 is a shorthand for a given location on
    an itinerary.

    Einstein offered an explanation as opposed to a description for gravity. He suggested that objects are not
    really pulled, but that they roll or slide along curved space. Einstein proposed a ball-on-canvas mechanism
    that would justify why objects gravitate towards each other.

    Problems with Einstein's theory include that space is not a physical object, the sandbox paradox, and that he
    has no way of justifying why a celestial body moves 'downwards'.

    Conversely, Milgrom merely offered a petty mathematical symbolism known as MOND for the galaxy rotation
    problem. Mond is not a scientific theory because it is just that: a characterization without an explanation or
    understanding. Assuming that the mathematics of MOND is correct, we still have no clue regarding the
    mechanism that underlies gravity. Without an explanation, MOND is pure poppycock. It gives us no insight
    into what causes celestial objects to behave the way they do.


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